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Jul 27, 2010
Massachusetts, USA
Dear Terraforums,

This is a bit of a strange request, but I have found myself in need of some rather "beginner" plants, and I hoped that some of the growers here might be able to help. I don't want any established plants, but rather leaves or unestablished cuttings. What I have in mind are:

Drosera adelae
Drosera schizandra (not a beginner plant, I know, but I've had much success with D. prolifera, and want to try going other members of the Queensland sisters)

And a small cutting of a Nepenthes ventricosa (mine rather mysteriously died on me...)

To trade back, I don't have much in the ways of whole, extra, established plants, which is part of the reason why I don't want established plants in the first place. I can offer leaves of P. x 'Florian,' 'Tina,' or 'Pirouette' for pullings, D. filiformis 'Florida All Red,' binata 'dichotoma' leaves, and chunks of U. sandersonii.

Of course, I can mix and match, as well.

Let me know if you're interested,