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Well over the past couple of weeks ive been receiving some more plants...again LOL

Here are a few photos of some of the stuff taken over the last couple of weeks....ive kinda slacked off on posts, gets kinda old, ya know lol.

N. ampullaria 'green'

N. bicalcarata 'red' hehe its got teeth :D


N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana (this one is gonna be a real winner)

S. oreophila with S. leucophylla in the background, half the leuco rhizome is under the media LOL....Phyllodia look so tacky :\ once there is a couple pitchers ill chop em off

the two talangensis x maxima, one has a broken tip but it put out a new leaf just fine. these were taken back on the 27th of last month


the two maxima x xTrusmadiensis also taken on the 27th


ill get more photos of stuff later on.

the list of stuff ive gotten includes
a few
2 x N. maxima x xTrusmadiensis
2 x N. maxima x talangensis
3 x N. leucophylla 'tarnok'
S. leucophylla, nice rhizome, about 8" long
N. inermis node cutting
3x baby N. albomarginata
N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana
N. ampullaria 'green'
N. bicalcarata 'red'
pot full of Stylidium debile
D. binata var. multifida
D. intermedia
S. oreophilia clump, flowering, as a birthday gift
---- the list of stuff i am waiting to receive
N. xBriggsiana cutting
N. viking x spectabilis 'north sumatra' seeds, i donated the pollen
N. viking x ampullaria seeds
N. viking x (viking x rafflesiana) seeds
N. glabrata seeds
I think I've said this before but, you do realize you're going to have to pay for college some day, right? :p

Nice collection you've got coming along man.

LOL Jason, dont worry man my college is paid for LOL
scholarships and my mothers disability crap hahaha.
but man, baseball is what is going to get me through everything.
damn man! some real nice winners in there. Good luck with them.
ok ok, we all know you can grow with the best of 'em. I propose a real challenge. Ready for this?

Ok. Try growing ALL of your plants, say, 1500 miles away, give or take. Whaaa? Thats near me? I say try it. My porch could use the color. :-))
Hahahahha frankie!!!!
Man, idk ;) I think my backyard is going to enjoy the color
and i dont think i can grow with the best of them :\ lol
i just take advantage of natural conditions...
Though the lowlanders are gonna be a test for me >_<
Some photos of the plants that arrived today, took em out of the baggies for a quick little photo shoot
N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana



N. bicalcarata 'red'



N. ampullaria 'green'





Man, you've really been breaking the bank. I wish being a student paid as well.
Nice pics! I love the bical and the amp!
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I swear, you're going to be up to your neck one day. LOL. Good thing you got a greenhouse. My God, I don't even want to imagine how it'll be like when you get your own house. xD

Nice neps as always. They seem like winners. :)
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Thats Burb x edwar shows a lot of potential SK. Great job, beautiful collection.

Cap, you could say it will be the end of him, dies a terrible death after a plant avalanche in his GH.
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LOL, plant avalanche.

Amazing plants Kris. You're really getting up there with the other huge collection growers.

Is this all from job money? Because once again, I reaaallly need a job.
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Yep dart, sure is, and some of it is from very generous growers as well...
i dont spend all of my money on plants LOL
half my paycheck goes into savings, half of the remaining pays any bills i need to cover.
Then whatever is left after that, i use for myself...sometimes plants, sometimes taking my gf out or going out to seattle our concerts, really depends lol.
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that bical red sure is red haha. :D

The burb x ed i believe came from one single clone, so you know what you'll be getting. :)

As for the "i cant grow" mumble jumble, thats just plain wrong! So what if your enviroment helps a lot, your still doing the hard part! You've hear that vegas saying: I'd rather be lucky than good? ;)
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Hahaha, frankie frankie frankie...
and i thought they released that the burbidgeae x edwardsiana were more than one clone o_O i could be wrong though, ive just seen a great bit of variation in photos lol.
Especially EP's monster of one. djhghsjkgh freakin gorgeous LOL.
and the bical red wont be red until its older, duhhh XD
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Im 99% sure its the MT clone. They released 3 on accident way back when, and when they realized what thye had, only kept one mericlone. It could be due to different envirmental pressures, or those people were lucky enough to get different ones!

Haha i know, just kidding.
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Hahaha, either way frankie, im just glad to have a burbidgeae x edwardsiana...
will be the closest thing to edwardsiana i can get to for awhile LOL.
villosa and macrophylla are close, but this one atleast potentially has edwardsiana in it, if its not villosa like some people seem to think. or xHarryana
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yeah! personally I have seen two different types. One of them clearly has villosa in it with the morphology that closely resembles both parents. The other might be x harryana or edwardsiana...but heck...we haven't seen pics of either a eddy or x harryana hybrid....so we can't be sure.