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I can already tell some plants are hitting the slow decline to dormancy, and the rest will probably slow down soon too. Because everything is outside in natural light, or behind a window with the same, even the Neps stop pitchering for the season once the hours of daylight dips beneath their critical hours of sunlight for pitcher production. So, I figure it's a good time to go take some pics. I might go look around some more and add a few photos once the sun hits the balcony. Some of the plants just look too hideous already to take pics of, but if you guys actually want to see the terrible ones I can go take pics of that too :-D

Please enjoy:

a nice succulent that makes big spotted yellow blooms - of course it only blooms when I'm out of town :-))

I caught one bloom on my way out of town before--

N.platychila still inflating.

N.Song of Melancholy

D.regia, still alive for some reason.

N.hamata x platychila. It's going to give me pollen this year!

N.ovata upper, yay! The wait has been long, but now the vine's huge. I think it's grown at least 4' this year.

N.glabrata uppers

N.inermis upper from above

N.eymae x jaquelineae

N.spectabilis x talangensis (the big pitcher)

This year, the caterpillars hit extra bad. All of the offenders got fed to various pitchers.. to avenge this poor N.hamata.


N.sibuyanensis x xTrusmadiensis. These pitchers last for a good year - this one opened months and months ago and still looks really great and vibrant.

The N.platychila has lots of basals, so I take the opportunity to really enjoy the lowers again. Look at that nice red front!

Pichuberry aka cape gooseberry aka Physalis peruviana. Had some great fruits this spring, planted some seeds, have some great fruits again!


Variegated Monstera deliciosa hates it inside. It is a tropical plant, and I hear it doesn't like direct sun, but inside it wants to be in the light. I saw some people growing them on their porches here, so I took a rooted cutting and put it outside on the balcony. It loves it there... so I guess it's an outdoors-on-balcony plant.

N.Nephthys. My only survivor of the trek I made to Hawaii a few years ago to get some plants - it's slow, drinks a ton of water, I think it likes lots of light and wants it warm, and makes really just the strangest pitchers. But it's grown on me :)

Look who's going to bloom again! She's gonna get that hamata x platychila pollen if I get my way.

My beastly bromeliads.


a cute little N.clipeata pitcher.

Like a good mad scientist plant grower, I have a few piles of mossy messes at home:



The peperomia also hates life, like the indoor M.deliciosa.

The Sleep/White Sapote has been fighting bugs - it's susceptible like citrus to everything.

The Passiflora laurifolia too. Poor guys - planted them back in Feb and they've just hated life since.

In comparison, this is the plant on the top of the 5' trellis that I ate one of those nice small purple sour passionfruits from the store and planted the seeds about the same time:

The citrus tree 'Mandarinquat' from seed.

Some of the newer H.minor pitchers. Humidity is low despite being in a container. Oh well.

They still bloom regardless :-D

And the fern, vastly too large for it's pot, but tough luck buddy you're just gonna hafta deal.
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Your plants look great. I wasn't sure if you were still growing these outside or not, but it's nice to see even the difficult species are pitchering well for you.
Makes me wish I hadn't lost my ham x platy...
I guess I'll count myself lucky, my sapotes are doing great, no bug issues (yet).
what do you mean by dormancy?? They're all tropical I didn't think they needed one.

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Even tropicals slow down for most people in winter (different for me as they all get direct sun only in winter), so a deficit of pics tends to follow for many. And it could be there are temperate plants not shown that are actually going dormant...
Everything looks great, death to those Hamata eaters!
I'm really loving those N. glabrata uppers! Some real gems in there, Zu. :)
beautiful pics and plants Zu!!
Lots of zen going on in the apartment

that heli loves its mommy :)
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Thanks, all :-D
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I really like how you can see all the glands in the jamban photo