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I'm looking for some rarer Drosera. If someone has something (leafs,roots,seeds, plants and so on) spare, it would be great if he/she could make me an offer. I know, this will most probably just be a try to get some of these.

Drosera burkeana Drosera estherhuysenae
Drosera curviscapa
Drosera monatana var montana
Drosera communis
Drosera esmeraldae
Drosera hilaris
Drosera villosa (the real one, not graomogolensis or ascendens)
Drosera kaieteurensis
Drosera felix
Drosera graminifolia (not the spiralis Form from Diamantina)
Drosera hirtella var.
Drosera roraimae

I'm happy about any offer on these plants. It's worth a try.

I am from Germany


sorry, can someone move this to the Trading Post forum please.