Something new :)


ok try not to laugh to hard this is VERY SERIOUS!!!!
I left my nephew alone in my room with my plants. I guess he like d them so much he decided to give them a snack, and guess what when I came back my vft was chewing on a piece of gum :eek: he said it fell outta his mouth
yeah right! So should I wait it out and and try to get it when it reopens or just cut the darn trap off? will it hurt it? have any of you tried to feed your plants gum yet?
Hey Unknownclown,

I'd just pry the leaf open and take the gum out ... before it tries to digest it... or you could just clip the trap off.... but you hate to lose the benefit of the trap (not for ever catching anything else.. but for photosynthesis).

Just my .000002
Yeah, just pry the trap open and remove the gum. Theres nothing toxic in gum so i suppose the trap would probably open in a few days anyway as its undigstable.

You might want to remove it though because if your flytrap takes a fancy to blowing bubbles, it could leave one helluva mess over your widowsill!!!!!!