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South American Drosera root cuttings

Hey TF! I took some root cuttings (first time propagating Drosera) from my Drosera graomogolensis about a month ago, and they've yet to strike. They're to side of my tank, under lights, about 5-6 inches away from them. They're in wet LFS, with a little standing water in there and covered with plastic wrap. The photoperiod is 10hrs. I was going to throw them away because I thought my window of opportunity had passed, but I checked the centers and on many of them it is still white and healthy looking. Can anyone offer me some advice on what I'm doing wrong/what to do instead?
I'd leave them, sometimes it can take up to 2 months or even longer. I took some D. binata var. multifida leaf cuttings recently, which are supposed to strike super fast, but it still took about 2 months for plantlets to appear.
If they're still white in the middle, then just leave them alone. I've had D.graomogolensis root cutting take anywhere between 2 weeks and 3 months to strike. Leaf cuttings are usually quicker to strike using that same method with this species. Vegetative propagation is often times an excercise in patience.
Thanks to both of you. I had heard how easy this species is to propagate from roots, and I thought that equaled speed.

Interesting. I had heard this species was challenging to grow from leaf cuttings? Guess you can't believe everything you read in the Internet!
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Just as an update, I've gotten my first strikes! They're just green nubs at this point, but when there is something to show I'll show it.