South west giant

Has anyone got a picture of a south west giant? because i was thinking of buying one. Also how big do they grow?

Thanks in advance

Hi Dave, that is not THE south west giant Tom was asking about. It refers to an unofficially named clone that South West Carnivorous Plants offers in the UK.

Tom, I have a picture of it and I will email you it tomoorow directly. It is a strong grower for sure, but only produces a blushes red type of trap on long petioles.
Dave, I believe the picture you posted is the 'big mouth'.
Mike, please post the picture of the southwest giant so we can all see
Hi Larry,
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture on my website, but I can email you one. Tom has a copy now, please email me privatly and I will send it as a .jpg attachment
Whoops, the picture i posted has the name 'giant' in its web address, so i assumed it was the south west giant. Sorry. I've ordered a South West Giant and a Royal Red from 'Triffid Nurseries', i should get them the end of the week, i'm eager to see what they actually look like......
I only ordered them last saturday. He said he had been a little busy lately making a new web-site merging Cambrian Carnivorous to Triffid Nurseries. Email him to remind him. He definately has them
i have a really big trap almost as big as a south giant...but i don't know what cultivar it is... it almost looks like dente... but its hardy compared to alot of traps... can anyone help me narrow my search down? all help is appreciated...