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Species for a medium sized terrerium

My temperature gauge says my house has the following temps.
Day 80- Night 67

I am planning on growing the following plants,
N.veitchii High x Low
N.alata boschiana mimic highland
N.clipeata clone 1 (clip x emaye) x clip
N.truncata highland(or would lowland be better?)
N. x medusa (bellii x sibuyanensis

Would these do okay in these temps? Humidity is no problem, it stays uniformly high.
Hey Slurm,
Those are lowland temps, so campanulata, truncata LOWLAND (though not in a medium sized terrarium....These get REALLY big) & eustachya would do well. Not sure about the alata, as these are technically highland, but are very adaptable.

I don't grow the others, so I can't comment on them.
Thanks, I have heard that N. truncata is slow outside absolute PERFECT conditions, so I figure it would do well in a medium size terrerium.
N. x medusa (bellii x sibuyanensis) is a hybrid between a hughland and a lowland, so should work quite well in that range .


You definatly need a bical.
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Treaqum @ May 25 2005,7:52)]You definatly need a bical.
eh, bical grows rather large, rather fast. Also its picky with the humidity...
I already have a bical. It is 11/2 feet tall and 2 1/2 feet wide. It produces 4" traps!
It is too big for me to keep at home, so it lives at a nearby nep greenhouse at my town's nature center.
I'll try to get over their this week. I can also get a pic of the greenhouse owner's N.tenuis. It just pitchered. I'm busy though, so you may have to wait untill after a 2 week long trip I'm going on this saturday.

Me and this plant(N.bical) are going to be featured on a presentation of the Disney Channel. They wanted a short 1min segment on kids/teenagers with weird collections to show between shows. They shot footage at the greenhouse. It will be on sometime this month. I will also be showing off a N.hamata and my large Hydnophytum formaicum unless that part is edited out.