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Spring flowers - section Foliosa...

Last year, based on somewhat of a hunch (from reading threads that a number of people who grew U. longifolia on a windowsill had flowers while those who grew under lights - often did not), I placed a U. longifolia on my east-facing windowsill .... and flowers - lots of them! Last September, I figured I'd try again with some other clones of U. longifolia and some of its partners in section Foliosa - U. praelonga & U. tricolor (both of which Barry notes - do not like to flower in cultivation). Just like last year, the U. longifolia put up stalks in spring and have just started to flower. In addition, the U. praelonga has been sprouting stalks - and at last count there were six of them! Last week, the U. tricolor decided it was missing out and has now sent up two stalks (although they are quite wimpy and Barry notes - likely to abort).

I'm guessing that the combined temperature and photoperiod changes on the windowsill send a stronger message than my weekly light timer changes and help stimulate flower production. Either way, this spring on my windowsill has the potential to be colorful ... :boogie:

When looking at the 1st U. longifolia flower this morning, I was struck by its amazing translucent beauty when it was lightly backlit by the cloudy sky. Naturally, this almost surreal quality appears to be one that eludes my camera's sensor's ability to capture it ... :censor: Here's the less-than-wonderful attempt...

In the coming weeks, if the buds continue to develop, I'll share some pics ...
I have many of my utrics in a terrarium setup, under artificial lighting and a timer. About all that blooms in there is U. livida. But then again..

I hear ya about window sills and the ebb & flow of temperature and photperiod. That's how my U. longifolia, as welll as others, flowered for me.
To follow up on the 1st post, I've now got two pots of U. longifolia flowering (3 stalks) and one of U. praelonga (6 stalks) and a U. tricolor with 3 stalks - but no flowers yet.

I've never been all that impressed with the ton of different yellow-flowering utrics - here's the only one I'm growing (& it came as a volunteer).



Some new U. longifolia shots...


The pics above were taken either on my windowsill or the edge of my garage with a nice non-contrasty overcast sky. The next one was taken in my basement under artificail lights with a large diffuser to reduce contrast - obviously not working ...

The next pic was taken in the basement - so it also has too much contrast but I wanted to show the size differences between species...
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wow...cant believe i missed this thread! but again, i did probably because i was climbing a tepui. :lol:

i will definitely be placing my longifolia by a windowsill when the fall arives. it's been growing like mad, so it's about time that i make this plant flower!
Absolutely beautiful!
Mine haven't done a thing this year.... and they are on the same window sill that produced the flowers last year. I may take them outside for the next 5 months.
Great photos! I especially like U.longifolia flowers, mine never flowered:)

This was a good year for flowering utrics on my east-facing windowsill - lots of beautiful flowers and with longifolia - they last for months if not pollinated. I even had a few late blooms open - Oct? (either way - it was incredible).

My comment / question for today is - has anyone ever had U. longifolia flower in the fall/winter on a windowsill? We're about 2 weeks from the shortest day of the year and I have two U. longifolia plants putting up stalks. Both are plants that didn't bloom earlier because they were too small. One was a seedling in a 2.5' pot (& it's still in that pot!) and another was received as a fragment that did what section foliosa plants do - came to life. The latter plant has a 24" stalk and it looks like the 1st flower should open in a few days ...

What's going on? :scratch:
you just have the touch!:hail:
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you just have the touch!:hail:

....and years of experience! Not on an east-facing window sill. Mine flowered, 2 years ago on a south-facing sill and last summer when outside, in the direct sun.