plants are sleeping

hey u doin peoplez???

itz DreyZ here....the site looks pretty nifty now!!!...i like!!!

i just resently put both my VFT's into dormancy....their in the fridge in a zip locked bag....b4 i put them in there, i removed as much soil as i could from the roots of the plants, and dipped them in fungicide....i then wraped them in a damp paper towel (i used distilled water to dampen the paper towel)!!!

just wondering, am i meant to feed them while their in there?!?!....or take them out of the fridge at any stage (before the 3 months is over)?

You don't need to feed the plants while dormant, just take them back out after 3 months in the cold. Remember to check from time to time for fungus problems, other than that you should be all set.
tanx tamlin!!

clears up heaps!!!!

would u be able to tell me what some symptoms/signs of my plants gettin hit by fungus??!!??....

if they do have fungus, how can i treat them??!!