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Starting Saltwater

Aug 11, 2001
Well recently, I've decided to start a salt water tank. I've experienced the freshwater tanks, and now I'm thinking about moving onto another tank.

Well I was offer a tank, of a 75 gallon with it accessories along with 150 pounds of live sand. Well I decided I may take that offer, and read up on the hobby. Then I would either like to use the parts and make a smaller tank, maybe a 30 hexagon, or 55 gallon, and experience invertebrae for a year or two before I move onto fishes.

So I was wondering what do you guy think of this idea, and what kind of invertebreas will you recommend.


Jul 8, 2001
San Antonio, Texas; USA
The bigger the system, the more stable it is... I would stick with the large tank, load it up with live sand and rock, and plop a skimmer on it.

With lots of live rock, a protien skimmer, the right light (metal halide or power compacts) you will have a great start on a reef system, which is ideal for inverts.

Pick your invertebrates CAREFULLY, with your future expansion plans in mind. For instance you don't want to put a crab in your tank that would later munch on your coral polyps.

Remember also, different inverts need different aged tanks, for instance, plopping a feather duster in a brand new tank is pretty much going to kill it unless you feed it, the tank needs to age, grow the micro flora and fauna that will help sustain these creatures.

I would also reccomend you look at some of the packages offered by IPFS.com (I think that is it.) they offer copeopod packages, and what not, (but if your live sand is truly LIVING, you won't need that.

I say rush in (carefully) and never look back man! GO BIG!


Tropical Fish Enthusiast
Nov 14, 2003
Western New York
As RamPuppy suggests with regard to aged tanks, be cognizant of the nitrogen cycle. Make sure that the tank / filtering system / water get though this cycle (ammonia-nitrite-nitrate). Get a test kit. Introduce a small, cheap invert or molly, to get the cycle going. If it dies it will be an inexpensive loss.