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tho' i just got my VFT and not even sure if it'll survive the month, i was wondering how big can it grow? right now it's only 2 inches in diameter and so very small.

i would like to get it another flower pot... knowing how big it can grow would help. Thanks! :)


Hey MarsGirl,

They grow, just not really fast.
Each year it gets bigger and bigger.

The best thing that you can do is give it lots of sun, and distilled water. If you have bugs cool, if not, no biggie.

Be patient and it will payoff. :biggring:

And about repotting....

check out these posts
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And</a> this one:

My long winded reasons for and against things.

Please read through them and if you have any questions, please let me know...I will be glad to well as the ohter wonderful people of this forum.

Keep us up to date on your plant's progress!!
i dont know if my plant will get much bigger but this is my biggest one i have ever owned and the leaves are about four to five inches long and the traps range from one to 1 1/2 inches long and they are about three to four centimeters in diameter it has about seven traps right now and a foot long flower stalk.



unless you are planning on growing seed, clip the flower stalk, it is robbing your plant of energy.

Once the stalk is clipped, your plant will probably put out even larger traps.

I believe the average for "LARGE" traps, is 2 inches, there are some 'cultivars' out there that claim to have larger traps than that.

Any how, remember, unless you are planning on growing seed then that flower stalk is really ripping your plant off, stealing energy left and right, and it DOES effect the size of your traps! clip that sucker!