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Hello everyone.

After looking online for quite a while, I found some growers tried using coconut husk chips along with sphagnum moss as a media for Droseras, but never found any results. Well, here I am to say what are MY results using a soil composed of 4/10 coco chips, and 6/10 long fiber sphagnum moss.

D. Capensis 'alba' seedlings being raised on it have responded wonderfully when their roots found the chips (the media was top-dressed with cut sphagnum moss). Good, fast growth being fed oftenly.
'Teenagers' of D. Capensis (grown from seed) and D. Spatulata (from divisions) have responded equally well to the media, and look somewhat happier than the ones grown on 2/10 peat, 2/10 silica sand. and 6/10 long fiber sphagnum moss (more dew, quicker growth, etc).
In less than 7 months of being grown from seed, D. Capensis has set up a flowerstalk. It's currently very dewy and seems to be happy.
D. Spatulata is responding fine, although it was less fed and it's not on flowering age just yet - but I'm sure it's happy.
Will be tested on D. Intermedia very soon. Will possibly be tested on D. Madagascariensis and D. Burmannii in the future.

As a note, I have a weedy unknown utricularia which invades all my pots. It doesn't seem to like the chunks, however, as none of the pots with chunks were invaded. This is still being tested, but might be a good way to prevent weeds if it is proven true.

All plants grown in subtropical conditions. D. Capensis seeds sprouted in December 24 (Summer). D. Spatulata divisions were taken 3-4 months ago (Fall) (also, they were kinda small when divided).

I hope this post somehow helps anyone searching for a different media to try out. Also, if you've tried a media similar to this one, I'd love to hear about the results.

*Remember, the coconut requires several rounds of soaking to force out the small amounts of salt that are present in it before it is used.

Thanks for reading!
PS: Sorry for any english errors.
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I have a couple of sundews growing in a 1/1 sphagnum peat and coconut husk and they are growing well at the moment . I wanted to move away from perlite and was not that happy with the results I was getting using sand in my mix. Thanks for your report , good to experiment;-)
First I tried capensis just to see if it would survive as I initially got the coconut husk to add to the mix for my nepenthes, I wanted to see if it was clear of salt. The capensis grew well so I have a small d. Hilaris growing in it now . I will try more species if those two continue to do well
That's great to hear. I'll try to keep things updated about experiments with this media, I should see if D. Intermedia grows on it soon enough. I really hope they do well as the capensis and spatulata did.