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Suggestion for misting and cooling system for a 20 gallon tank

Currently I have a 10 gallon tank but plan to buy a 20 gallon soon for my Highlanders.

Now the question is in summer, the average outdoor temperature is around 85~95 during the day. This means indoor temperate with (insulation and tile flooring) is around 70~80 degrees. I haven't grew any Cps during summer but I can almost guarantee that temperate inside my tank will be in the 80~90's with the lights.

This mean a misting system or humidifier isn't enough to cool down the heat so I'd most likely have to invest in a misting and cooling system.

My budget is $400 dollars. Can anyone make a suggestion?

Before I address the question, I few questions of my own: Where in the Bay do you live and do you not have any windows?
I live in Cupertino and yes I have windows.