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Sundew hogs the camera in BBC Life


Hey guys,

I was watching BBC life, and noticed this. Watch at around 0:45.
What species would you guys say this is? Could it be D. solaris? It's filmed in Brazil, I think.
I posted this in general discussions since the video is awesome on its own!


EDIT: After looking at some pictures, I would guess Roraimae.
wouldnt say it's impossible. D. solaris is found on Roraima, but is isolated on a lone platform.
I have no idea because sundew aren't my thing but that clip was awesome! I was cracking up. I love how Attenborough's videos have excellent music to go along with the actions too. I have the CD for Life of Birds. Thanks for sharing.
Looks like D. roraimae to me.

Screen caps

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Yea I have to agree with Nan, to me they really resemble roraimae.
hahs i love watching tv and for split seconds catching cps in the background the other day iw as watching the news and saw tons of sars in the background of some interview at somones house i wish i could find out where it was and meet a fellow cp grower
If you need better pictures, look at Life Videos! I don't think that those are exact clips from Life, so if you look under Life: Challenges of Life: Pebble Toad, they show the entire plant, and even mosquitoes hatching and being caught directly upon hatching.

Cool Stuff!