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Sunny day Nepenthes


N. sabre and ventrinermis.
here's rafflesiana, going to play with "sabre."
Fusca "flared"
Overview pic!
Aristolochioides, under a rather sunburned wrigleyana leaf.
Truncata pasian.
The whole shelf.
Sorry about the sideways pics, I tried over and over again to get them upright! in photobucket they're upright, but I can't get them to be upright in the actual post. Has anyone else had this problem?
nice aristo! love the pics :)
Very nice.

How does that fusca 'flared peristome' grow for you?
I've had the same problems with Photobucket. I think it just takes a little time for it to 'catch up' with the changes. They are all showing normally now.

Very nice plants!

I see you are growing highlanders with lowlanders. What are your conditions (daytime/nighttime temps and humidity)?

Very nice, good growing!
and how does watering with the baskets go for you?
I have some plants growing great in baskets but I also have them in a GH ATM. I cannot think of how much of a pain it must eb to have them in the house in baskets.
Nice pitchers. I like those wood baskets. Are you using just shelves or do you have them enclosed in anyway?
Very nice, that aristo is cute :3.
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Fusca took a while to adapt to windowsill conditions, but now it's growing like crazy and pitchering on every leaf. Temps are basically household temps but a bit higher. If I close the sliding plexi doors, it can get to 90F during the day. I usually keep them open partially so it only gets to 80 at most, at least the low 70s. The humidity's in the 50s and 60s usually. No real nighttime temperature drop, but it does get down to the 60s occasionally, and I run a fan at night. The baskets... yeah, it's kind of annoying to maneuver a gallon jug of water to the back row of plants, but I think it's worth it. Before I had the baskets, my larger plants like maxima and rafflesiana (and especially rafflesiana) were trying to send tendrils right through the shelf. I had to block them with something or elevate the plant to keep it from locking itself in (which would NOT be good... I often have to move plants around.) I just hope the baskets aren't tropical hardwood, since that would be supporting the destruction of the habitats of the plants I'm growing! All the water drips down into deep aluminum trays that cover the shelf below the lowest one you can see in the pic, and I empty these when they get too full. Yeah, the shelf is enclosed. There are sliding plexiglass doors on the front, and "clearer than glass" plastic around the rest.
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um... my stewpid bro wrote something random. Maybe I'll use this post to post the newly opened raff and wrigleyana.