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Superthrive questions

Feb 14, 2002
Marietta, GA
Can anyone tell me if superthrive really works on flytraps... i plan on getting some soon if it really works... the traps i have seem very weak and not hardy at all... the edges of the leaves are curled on one of them... but no bugs or anything... and i none of my flytraps have any traps ...they all just grow leaves then don't grow traps... its weird... can anyone help me... and if anyone has any past experiences with Superthrive, i would like to know how it all worked out... thanks...
Dec 2, 2002
Arcata, California
I would first look into the reasons why you are having problems with your plants before I messed around with superthrive or other supplements. Think about your soil, light intensity and duration, water quality, and how you water. If you get these things right, the VFT should do great without using anything else. If your growing conditions are wrong, adding supplements will probably not help, and might simply kill the plant.