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Suprise Delivery..


The Snake Charmer
The pizza I ordered just went in and guess who else decided to drop by?

..My dealer with my request hehe.
I only asked for 7 but he gave me another one as a freebie lol




They're not particularly pretty but there's something unexplainable when you see them in person that makes you want to have one.

Who doesn't want to have a reptile that prefers eating only every 5-7 days? That's the dream lol :p

That's it for now. I'll be posting some update again in the middle of the year
Not my choice for a topping on pizza, I'm afraid.
Hahaha! I'd probably pass if they were the toppings as well lmao
And who are those charming geckos?
You better keep me away from them, I might "hug" them too hard lol! They're awesome, especially their eyes.
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Haha! They're from a family of geckos known as bent-toeds/bow-fingered geckos :D
Oh yes, I've heard of that family. Do you know what type of Cyrtodactylus they are?