Temp. changes

I had a few questions that need answering.  If I put my VFT's inside in front of a window, is the light that is coming through the window less effective than if I had the VFT's outside?  And if I do put my VFT's outside, when they go from an air conditioned house out into 90+ degree temps. is this going to harm them in anyway?  and do they need more water if they are going to be out in the hot weather all day?  And I give them southern exposure which I heard is the best for them, if not let me know.  Thanks again for all the help it is much appreciated
. Oh yea and I just remembered one other thing I was wondering about. One of my VFT's has super small miniature mouths growing down kind of in the middle of the plant, I wish I could supply pictures, but I don't have a camera or a scanner, but I was just wondering what these are?
i don't know where you live but i done what you are asking i can tell you that my plants (vft's )
didn't mind it but if you take them out of A/C take them out very early in the morning and
let them adjust to the temp. but i took mine from out side to my window it didn't make
a lot of difference with them as long as they had 6-8 hours of good sunlight. as far as
i can tell what your saying it sounds like you are getting new leaves. don't worry about them
too much they should be ok.