Do you need terariums? or can you just put them in a window?

PS: does it come with a terarium if i buy it from this site? and how often do you feed them?
Depends were you live? If you live in the North Pole - yes you will need one
. The vft is a sunlight hog. If you have a west/east windowsill with good lighting you are set. Also if you have a little bit of humidity (50% at least) in your house that will help the vft too. It is pretty dry in my house and during the summer they are by my windowsill and do just fine.

Terrariums are handy if you live in a dry house. The reason being is if you plan on expanding your cp collection (sundews, neps, and sarrs) they require more humidity. All depends where you live, again.

No the plants do not come with terrariums at pft. You can go to Mal*Fart (I mean Wal*Mart - My bad
) and get a cheap one (10, 15, and 20 gallon and so on). You can also purchase on at pft.  

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Yes, they are possible to grow without terrariums. Like travis said, they need major light to get the rich, deep red, and they just grow better ( in my experience ) in higher light.

Sorry to repeat this so often, but nearly all of your questions about growing VFTs can be answered by reading

As Travis said, it depends on where you live. VFTs can be grown outdoors without any protection in many areas of the U.S. In the colder areas of the far north, they can be grown outdoors and either brought indoors or covered with mulch in winter.


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It also depends on what you are trying to grow.  I grow VFT, Sarracenias, and some sundews on my south windowsill with no problem even tho' my humidity averages only 35%.  However, my N. ventricosa and D. spatulata do better in my 10 gal. terrarium where they are under fluorescent lights, the temps are between 67ºF to 78ºF, and the humidity is 70% to 80%.

There are several CPs that require temps and humidity higher or lower than what you can comfortably maintain in your house under normal conditions.  The controled micro climate of a terrarium is sometimes the least expensive way to provide the special requirements for these plants.
I live in Wales and my VFT is not in a Terarium - It is just in a pot on my windowsill. At the moment it is fine because we are getting lots of sun but in the winter.....UH OH.......What should I do?
You can stick it in the refrig for three months. If it gets below 32f or 0c I would go with the refrig. Some may say you can still stick it outside but I think the chances are greater of the vft dieing. Or if you have a basement were it is cold and not much light you could stick the plant in there.