Terraforum Members Helps CP Habitat Again


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I just wanted to say thank you to all of the members that participate in the NASC Auctions here. Here is where your money goes.


This check is going for a burn of the Nature Conservancy site called Black Ankle in North Carolina.

You are funding great things. You are part of of the solution to preserve the plants we love.

Be on the look out for another post showing your money going to another CP site soon.

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Awesome. Ozzy, you should have ordered those giant checks like the ones Ed McMahon used.
This is such a great thing you all do and its great to see members supporting such a great thing for all to enjoy. Thanks to everyone who participates your help is greatly appreciated :)


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And looking forward to this year's auction! I've got some goodies waiting to go on the block.


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I'm guessing that this is a very controlled burn that requires hiring and or organising of professionals to stop it right when it should. Otherwise, the only expense would be some gas and a matchbox.
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