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Aug 24, 2001

First, I would like to welcome you to what has become a very large community of CP/plant enthusiasts from all over the world. We have many members willing to share their expertise and experiences as well as trade and give away plant material and just have fun! We do have some rules to keep things friendly and running smoothly. Please read the rules below.



2. If you have a forum-related problem, please seek out a Moderator. The moderators are here to support the community and advocate for you if there is a problem. Do not let a problem escalate, seek a mod’s help. Report ALL BAD TRADES to a moderator (see Trading Rules in the Trade Forum).

3. No sales or advertisements; trades/give-aways only are allowed. Some sales ads MAY be allowed under special circumstances; please contact site administrator, Adnedarn (Andrew), to ask permission to post personal/commercial site links or ads. Since we do not allow the positive advertising or discussing of "other" CP vendors, bad reviews also are not allowed. There is no restriction on trades or sales conducted privately via Private Messages (PMs). We do not monitor PMs. Advertising would include talking about or giving URLS to other CP sellers.

We have a broad multicultural membership and everyone has differing views and opinions. What we ask is that you:

• Be kind and tolerant. Our membership consists of many different people from many different walks of life with different cultural and political views. Please remember everyone is entitled to their feelings and their opinions. Feel free to post your thoughts, ideas, advice and opinions, but NO PERSONAL ATTACKS or PUBLIC ARGUEMENTS will be tolerated. We are reasonably open on discussion topics and if you find a topic distasteful or offensive, do not read or participate in the topic. Having said that, if you are concerned about anything posted, please don't hesitate to contact a Moderator. The same rules regarding respectful behavior apply to PMs. Harrassment or abuse through PMs is not allowed and can be grounds for warnings/banning.

• Think before you post. If there is something that you want to add to the conversation, great, but read what you have written before you post it in a public forum. Make your posts of a contributory nature; don’t waste forum space (for example, don’t post 10 smileys and nothing else). If you have a question, try using the search function first - your query might already have been answered previously.


This is a “family site” open to adults and children alike. Absolutely no language that is rude, abusive, degrading, vulgar, crude, racist/discriminatory and just plain mean is allowed. No links that lead to sites with sexual and/or violent content are allowed.

We have a language filter; please do not "type creatively" in order to bypass the filter. If a word is in the filter system, we do not want it on the boards. We may edit posts with "creative bad language."


Images that:
• depict gratuitous violence or are of a violent nature
• are pornographic or sexually suggestive
• are racially or culturally offensive
are NOT allowed .

Anyone breaking these simple rules of decent behavior will be contacted by a Moderator who will ask you to stop the offensive behavior or remove “illegal” image(s). Depending on the severity of the offense, you may be warned, temporarily suspended from posting, or permanently banned. There is generally a “three strikes you’re out” policy. If you can’t conduct yourself in a decent manner after three warnings, you will be banned (temporarily or permanently) from this site. The site owner, along with the Moderators, will make the determination of the severity an offense and the appropriate penalty. Severe offenses may result in immediate and permanent banning.


• Image size: You can post images in a topic discussion, as an avatar and/or in your signature. We ask that for topic discussions, you keep your photos at a reasonable file size. Not everyone has a high-speed connection; many are on dial-up. It's also a pain to have to scroll around to see it. Please be respectful of all our members and resize large photos; post only “internet size” photos [see pinned topic on Photos in the General Forum].

• Images for avatars: avatars must be no more than 120 x 140 pixels, with a max size of 25k (72 pixels per inch for JPEGs).

• Images in signatures must be no more than 55 x 270 pixels at 72dpi = 15k. Reason: Images that are very large must be downloaded repeatedly with multiple posts. Not only is it annoying, it also takes up a lot of screen space resulting in longer topics. Signatures can be personally expressive but we have to put a limit on it for the sake of download speed and visual aesthetics.

• Do not post any copyrighted photos/material (anything that is not yours) if you do not have permission/and or credit from the owner. If you use someone else’s image (with permission) as an avatar, please resize it to fit our specs. If you use a copyrighted picture as your custom avatar, get permission from the owner, then go to “edit profile” in your control panel; put the name of the owner and where you got the picture (giving credit to) on "member title" and make sure the image size fits our specs.


TerraForums is a privately held entity and its owner and agents (Moderators) retain the right to edit or remove any "speech" deemed harmful to the community at large. Your speech is restricted to good decent human behavior. Racial bigotry, slanderous or hurtful comments, insults, pornography, sexually suggestive material, and FIGHTING will NOT be tolerated. Anyone who does not agree with this policy should probably not participate in this Discussion Forum. All actions taken here are taken with the best interests of the community AS A WHOLE. While we would like to please everyone, we probably can’t. While some may call this “censorship,” we call it doing our best to manage a community of over 2,000 unique and diverse members in peace and harmony.

The above rules are subject to admendments and revision and may or may not include all policies enforced by these forums.

We invite everyone to join in and have fun! We have some of the kindest, most generous and caring people you could ever hope to meet! So jump in, get to know everybody and have fun discussing CPs, plants, animals and LIFE! Post your experiences, your tips and tricks, your frustrations, your concerns, your joys and successes.

Not open for further replies.