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I have the following Utrics available:

U. tricolor
U. praelonga
U. bisquamata
U. livida
U. longifolia
U. sandersonii
U. lateriflora


G. violacea (giant)

I have 4 of each available for postage, $3.85 for a package (any number of plants).

The Genlisea are small plants, under 1 cm across.  The Utrics are 1.5" x 1.5" plugs.

All will grow well in a standard 1:1 sand/peat mixture.

Please post here with which plants you are interested in, and PM me with address.

The first who post will be served. Packages will be sent upon receipt of postage funds.
Hello and thanks i would like one of each in the list . Thak you XXAMIAM
Hello SarraceniaScott!

I am interrested in these:
U. tricolor
U. livida
U. sandersonii
U. bisquamata
G. violacea

I will PM you with my information and some questions

Jorge Joel...
Emilia's Garden
I am definitely interested in one of each.  Hope I am one of the 4.
Scott I would be interested in one of each aswell. These are definatley new to me, but doing some quick research said they were generaly easy to grow. Is this true?
If the rumors are true and I know how to count then it seems the following plants are left:

U. longifolia 1
U. lateriflora 1
U. praelonga 1

I just want the remaining U. lateriflora and the remaining U. longifolia.

if theres anything left i would take some.
[b said:
Quote[/b] (carnivorkid @ July 28 2005,9:32)]if theres anything left i would take some.
Let me see how things look after I have sent these packages out.
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Hello Scott Utrics came in today Thankyou very much!!

Just a side note. I'm glad they were not fragile or anything. I saw the postman just throw the box in the mailbox and the box itself had a big dent in it. darn postmen. I wonder if there is a way to complain. I need to go look. Thanks again Scott. Plants seem to be fine even thogh the postman banged up everything.
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Hello Scott! My plants arrived today in perfect conditions
They arrived healthy and the boxwas in good conditions. Very good packaging!

They are already potted.

Thank you very, very much!!!!
Jorge Joel..
Emilia's Garden
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I have to make sure people know that Scott packaged the plants beautiful. It was the postman who destroyed the box. Well, the box did what it was suposed to protect the things inside while sacrificing itself. LOL Just a big dent along one of the small sides. Plants survived and are about to be potted.
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Mine are also here and safe. =)