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The Guessing Game (unknown S. watch it grow!)


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I thought maybe this would be fun, or it might come off as asinine, who knows.

I happen to have a plant that at this moment, is unidentifiable, due to prior damage / destruction / general-mayhem. The first new growth appeared a couple days ago and I caught it just as it peeked through the sphagnum top-dressing.

Every other day or so I'll post a new pic of progress until a new leaf has been formed and its identity verified. Until then, have fun guessing and making conjecture, and see if you're right.


I just took this yesterday, and checking this morning, that nub is already taller than the piece it came up against. It won't take long to get a full leaf! :)

I have a vague inkling of which of two (2) plants it might be, but my memory is hazy and my I.D. tags long gone.

(Edit #2)

Here is another one in the same "recuperation pot", a little further a long. Not sure what it is either, though there's a chance they may be the same plant, and somehow both halves of the rhizome managed to survive the trauma.


I'll update both tomorrow.

(Edit) I guess, since there are so many varieties out there, it would only be fair to narrow it down -a little-. Hint: It's something an amateur could find and obtain through the most basic google search, so nothing fancy or hard-to-find.
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This game is too hard D:

Unknown S. 01

Unknown S. 02

It's already looking pretty, lol.

(Edit) Btw guys, I'm sorry if some of the pictures aren't in the best focus. I'm pushing my little Nikon to the limits anyway, and then I don't help matters much when I export the pics as .jpegs to cut down on size (I have a limited data plan).
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1. I have no clue

2. It looks like a purpurea hybrid to me.

Are they growing in pure Lfs?
1. I have no clue

2. It looks like a purpurea hybrid to me.

Are they growing in pure Lfs?

No, they're planted in 50/50 peat / sand. The top-dressing is just chopped lfs. I use it less for decoration and more so that the soil isn't displaced when I water them, lol.

(Edit) I should be slightly more honest...the soil is actually more like 80/20, because I use playground sand instead of what I'm -supposed- to use. Using less seems to help avoid compaction issues, while still improving drainage. *shrugs* it's been working for me for the last couple years.

Also, this is a momentous occasion for me. Despite how badly things went with these plants, I technically over-wintered them, and they are alive...thus I was successful. XD

I now count this as my second year of owning CP's. (Shhh, let me cheat)
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Looks a lot like some mystery ones I have.
LOL! wait a few weeks and take pictures.
I didn't know there was a prize, and I don't really think guessing one of the parents warrants one. Give it to whomever guesses the other parent(s).
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At this stage they could both be purpurea or hybrids from how the leaves look. Did you ever happen to have 'Cobra's Nest' or x swaniana as an option as to what the ID might be?