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the kids are wondering what is up with this?!?!

im wondering what is up with this?!?!

So we have a little typical VFT and i noticed its growing new traps inbetween many of the already established leaves as well as the original growth points. At first i thought it was just getting ready to split its rhizome but its got soo many emerging traps from random spots im not really sure what its doing hahaha! Not that i find any of it bad i do find it very different then what ive expirenced during rhizomes splitting.

Heres a few pictures of what i mean:


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No one ever seen this happen before to one of their plants?
Seems like it is just creating new growth points to me
That phenomenon is generally an artifact of micropropagation -- TC -- and will slow with time. Plant growth regulators tend to remain in plant tissues for quite a while . . .
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It just seemed really strange to me that its creating so much new growth from between already grown leaves and other strange places by the tons! Weve had this plant for a few years that was growing pretty normally until recently i was counting trap production to put in our study book and i was really surprised with how its suddenly growing!
Bigbella- does tc occur with seed grown plants? Cause this was grown from seed so thats why i seemed kinda surprised with its growth. It looks like it created its own leaf pulling from established leaves that are still firmly attached to the rhizome