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Formerly pond boy
Here's my grow rack. Temps stay around 75 during the day and 55 at night, with 40 and 70% humidity respectively. Lit by an 8 tube 4 foot t5 HO system with 4 roseate and 4 6500k bulbs, a 4 tube 2ft T5HO with a 50/50 mix of 2700k and 6500k bulbs and 3 10w 3500k LED floodlights. Plants get 15-65k lux and are sprayed with DI water twice a day. Sorry about the low quality cell pics.

Front view of the rack:

side view:

N. 'Justice', this plant is a beast! Received it as a rooted cutting from Paul Barden a bit over a month ago and it has since produce 3 new leaves each with an inflating pitcher and a basal!

N. "Lantern Alata" pretty sure this is a gracillima x ventricosa hybrid. I love the red leaves! Also notice the change in pitcher size since I started using 1/8th strength orchid ferts weekly in the older pitchers with dead tops. Figured I may as well put the ugly pitchers to work :p.

Some maxima hybrid cuttings rapidly putting on new growth:

N.campanulata x lowii first pitcher in my care, loving this hybrid:


spectabilis x hamata:

eymae x ephippiata:

petiolata x veitchii:

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Nice plants, and you have some good color going!
By the way, the "Lantern Alata" is 'Rebecca Soper', a ramispina x ventricosa hybrid. Anything crossed with gracillima would be very different, as the true plant is rather rare in cultivation and very distinct in appearance.
Thanks Hawken, yeah the color is good but it takes a small nuclear reactor to power the lights! :p Good to know what the actual hybrid is, thanks.
Thanks guys. Haha, PS3 it's called living in the frigid wasteland that is Iowa. I just keep the thermostat set at 55. This time of year that keeps the utility bills down and keeps the plants happy. Warmer months I've always kept everything outside. Just getting back into the hobby, but summers have never been a problem. Neps always seemed to love the warm humid summers back when I lived in Missouri, so I doubt that it'll be a problem a zone and a half north.
N.ramispina x singalana is starting to put on some size to its pitchers as well. I'm really liking this hybrid. It is a dark purplish black in real life and has nice compact growth with rather gracile leaves. Can't wait till this plant matures!

N. spectabilis x hamata just popped a new pitcher:

Starting to show its stripes and teeth!

Does anyone else grow this hybrid? If so I'd like to see some pics please :).

N.maxima 'Lake Poso'-sown 10-27-14 started popping up about a week ago! Just now getting to photographing.

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Update, sadly the eymae x ephippiata died for no apparent reason. Most of the other plants are doing well.
N. robcantleyi x talangensis a few months ago:


N.ventricosa x arisolochiodes has a near black peristome: