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The time has come

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His name is Lukas Alexander Hardy :) thanks for all of the kind comments guys, i am basically glued to this baby, i will not let him out of my sight unless his mom is awake and with him.... Lol
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Awww! He's so cute!
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congrads, congrads, congrads..glued is good, I know you'll make a fantastic Dad
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Crongradulations Sirkristoff! I am very happy for you and it sounds like you will be a great father to a lucky child!
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Cute ! Look how happy he is
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So the Terra Forums community grows even more. Congratulations to the proud parents.
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Ahaha NaN, technically i did not grow him :p
Thanks again guys, we get to go home with the baby tomorrow morning, hes doing great. Taylor is recovering great... It was an experience i will certainly not forget... Best son a father could ask for :)
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Lukas? Don't you remember I said to name him "Thor"!?

J/K Congrats man!
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congrats hes a looker, and he looks happy :) again congrats

I bet that kid will be learning about CPs before he can walk :D
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Congratulations Kris, best of luck and I wish you and your new family and I wish you all nothing less than health and happiness.
Just remember though...

You can't just stick his legs in some peat/sand, put him in some sunlight for 8 hrs a day, add water and hope he grows. They don't go dormant either...EVER. So I don't recommend attempting a fridge dormancy :)
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HAHA will it work with huskys? i think she needs to go dormant for the summer :p maybe she will throw out a flower spike so i can get some husky seeds :p

Again congrats, wishes of happiness and health come from me and my whole family
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Congrats! The first few years are the best. My youngest is 5 and I get sad sometimes seeing him grow. But they are all happy times really so who is complaining.
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Whoo, sorry I'm late. Congratulations to you, Kris. :>
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Congratulations Kris! :boogie:
It seems we have a new CP lover among us!
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Thanks guys :)
Lukas is doing great too by the way, hes a healthy, hyper, already partially crawling, constantly rolling over, puking and giggling about it baby boy...
haha, hes so alert....rest of his umbilical cord already fell off too...doc said it was gonna day a couple of weeks or more, 7 days for him...hahaha...
hes a crazy baby...