They\'re underwater--or were

Well, the rains have flooded out my pot, and while the plants are no longer underwater, they are thoroughly sodden and likely to stay that way with more rain coming.

The tray in which the pot sits is fairly deep, as it extends about halfway up the sides of the pot. This is now full of nature-made peat tea!

Ignore? Drain the tray? Build an ark?

Muchas gracias, as always.

I think they can survive about a week underwater, but the longer you leave it, the more chance that they will rot. Try draining them if you can.
I agree, drain if you can. Mine are in an outdoor bog and they sometimes go several days in water logged soil and a day or so under water. They seem to take it in stride.



That is now 4 votes drain

If you have the water higher than the bulb ( rhizome ) or even some of the roots, you take a chance on rotting the plant.

I agree with Alvin, the plant can take wet conditions for a while but not for a long time. I know that in nature they receive this kind of abuse, but outside of their natural habitat, we need to pamper them. So anything that may cause something we don't want to needs to be removed and dealt with quickly.

Leaving them outiside is a great idea, and I just wished it wasn't so hot in Houston to do the same.

I envy you and others that can do that, and better yet have the issues to deal with.
Drained 'em. Used the peaty water to make up some more CP potting mix for an emergency (see Nepenthes forum).

Jaie--you wouldn't want them outside when it's this cold and cloudy! There is sloooow growth going on right now, and while they are catching bugs, they aren't reopening, even weeks later.

June will bring some rapid growth, I hope. I'm proud of 'em, sticking with it like this.

Heartfelt thanks to all who have replied.