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Happy to say that my gemmae have sprouted, despite being moved about by what seems to have been a mouse.
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Mine have sprouted![emoji1303]

Happy Growing,

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Many of mine had sprouted while still in the plastic bag. :)
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Mine are still small, but have produced 1-2 carnivorous leaves.

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I have 8 that have sprouted and they all have fire to five carnivores leaves except one. He was a little late to the party. There is three leaves on that one. 😁
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Oh boy! Mice moving, classroom experimenting and lots of sprouting!! I am so glad that you all are doing so well. Thank you for keeping me updated!

I am happy to say that with one exception it looks like everyone got their gemmae and have sprouted. (luckily the one that didn't make it I was able to send more from a second harvest)

All the mother plants have come through well and are busy producing another set of new leaves. (with the help of a little maxsea) And all of my gemmae that I planted have come up as well. Most of mine came up in about a month, the various locations did not seem to change the germination rate. However, the plastic bag did significantly speed up germination. I have one pot that is getting supplemental light but not in a bag and it has yet to sprout any leaves, just a tiny little node so far.

Thank you for the pictures, I would love to see more if you feel so inclined. :)
Good growing and don't forget to pass it on in the future. :D
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Here's a quick update.
My Gemmae are slowly but surely starting to grow. They're growing in a very cool basement so they are growing at a slower rate.

Thanks again for the giveaway.

Good growing,

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Here is a shot of one of my pots. I think there looking good but this is my first time so...

Thanks again Flora
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It's been about a year since I received my gemmae from Flora.
They've grown to maturity and produced gemmae of their own.
I believe in "Pay It Forward", so after expressing my thanks again to Flora, I'll be offering a giveaway in a week or so.
I'll be giving away a pack of gemmae, descendants of Flora's.
Look for it early in January.

Good growing,

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Can I request said pack of gemmae?
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DaFloof: you are aware nearly all the threads you've commented on are multiple years old, I would hope? They're long since done and over.
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There are no recent good threads

Oh, I thought it said 2018, not 2017.
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There are no recent good threads

Oh, I thought it said 2018, not 2017.

And a 2018 thread is still quite old, especially for plant giveaways and offers. Even I've taken my gemmae listings from this past winter off my own site because they're well past being viable now.
And it's generally not a great first impression if the only real threads participated in are the giveaway/trade etc. threads. Post an intro, interact a bit, then peruse this subforum would be highly recommended.
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Do you have any aristolochioides and/or attenboroughii for trade?