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Plant Addict!!
Grow list:

Everything in green is linked to a picture ;)

Dionaea muscipula;

"A2" henning giant
120+ seeds sowed (5/10/12) Germination started (5/23/12)


D. affinis (seeds planted 1/8/15)
D. aliciae
D. capensis "alba" (seeds planted 12/27/11) ( sprouted 1/13/12)
D. capensis "bainskloof"
D. filiformis 'Portland Sunrise'
D. nidiformis (seeds planted 12/27/11) (sprouted 1/11/12)


H. heterodoxa x nutans


N. alata (actually ventrata)
N. bongso
N. gentle
N. hamata AW clone #3
N. inermis x bongso (male)
N. izumiae G1 (seeds planted 1/26/15, sprouted 2/26/15)
N. izumiae G2 (seeds planted 2/17/15)
N. izumiae x ramispina
N. jacquelinea (seeds planted 2/17/15)
N. jacquelinea x spectabilis
N. lowii x truncata "wide peristome"
N. lowii Trusmadi
N. maxima "poi dog" (male)
N. mikei
N. naga (seeds planted 2/17/15)
N. platychila x robcantleyi
N. rajah Tambuyukon
N. ramisina Genting
N. spectabilis Sibuatan
N. spectabilis x hamata
N. splendiana x (spectabilis x mira) (seeds planted 3/3/15)
N. sumatrana x (platychila x fusca)
N. tiveyi "Leilani clone" (female)
N. tiveyi "red" (female)
N. tiveyi x fusca (seeds planted 3/13/15)
N. tiveyi x ?? OP?? (seeds planted 3/13/15)
N. tiveyi x vogelii (seeds planted 3/13/15)
N. truncata x spectabilis
N. veitchii "HL" x eymae
N. veitchii (k)
N. ventricosa (seed grown)
N. ventricosa x spectabilis
N. ventricosa x (spectabilis x northiana)(female)
N. (ventricosa x spectabilis) x tenuis
N. villosa Kinabalu
N. villosa Tambuyukon
N. vogelii


None atm


S. x areolata 'giant' x moorei "pinkish top"
S. flava
S. leucophylla "Dark form"
S. leucophylla Walton County, FL
S. lynda butt x (moorei x flava atro) (seeds put into strat 1/3/15, taken out 1/31/15, sprouted 2/19/15)
S. (odyssey x purpurea montana) x purpurea montana
S. [(purpurea x rubra) x (purpurea x rubra)] x Judith Hindle
S. purpurea ssp. purpurea Rockingham County, NH (seeds put in strat 3/2/15)
S. purpurea "unknown"

Want List:

Dionaea muscipula;

"Maroon Monster"
"Low Giant"
"Big Mouth"
"Lunatic Fringe"
"UK Sawtooth II"
"Bohemian Garnet"
"Fine Tooth x Red"
"Clayton's Red Sunset"
"Green Dragon"
"Red Piranha"


Anything I don't already have, especially veiny purpurea's


N. attenboroughii
N. burbidgeae
N. diatas
N. edwardsiana
N. ephippiata
N. fusca
N. hamata
N. hurrelliana
N. izumiae
N. jamban
N. lingulata
N. lowii
N. macrophylla
N. mikei
N. nigra
N. ovata
N. rajah
N. robcantleyi
N. singalana
N. spectabilis
N. stenophylla
N. sumagaya
N. truncata's
N. veitchii's
N. ventricosa
N. villosa
N. vogelii

Any hybrids including the above in them
And anything with alot of stripes :)


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Updated with Pictures!!
Updated with new arrivals:)
More new arrivals :D
Updated with everything I lost or gave away over the last 2 years. I have a lot of work to do to rebuild my collection! ;)
Updated to include new plants...and cleaned up the list a little.
Everything completely updated
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Update :D