Too big!

My flytrap is getting way too big. It's trap's are mostly 1-1/2", it's growing 4 traps at the moment, very upright (good sign
) and either growing new plantlets or making traps in other places. Should I repot? It has also got roots coming out from the holes in the bottom!
Appreciate any help given
Hi !!
I'm curious to know how much deep is your pot.
VFT has long roots.
I have my VFT in a pot 16-18cm deep (6-7") and roots never come out from the holes. I think that is better, if possible, to repot in late winter or spring I tried one time to repot in summer, the VFT didn't die but it stops growing for about 3 weeks.


I think that 4 inches are few.
I also have a very crowded pot; about 20 plants in a 7 inches (diameter) pot, but the effect is beautiful and the plants very very healthy: a big cluster of traps. The most important thing in my opinion is the depth.



It's been one of dem days
The best time to replant VFT is in the spring just before they come out of dormancy. You are less likely to put it into shock.