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I am seeking red form of N.jacq and N.hamata. The following is what I can trade (some plants can be combined for a single N.hamata or red N.jacq).

S. flava var. rubricorpora (a large cluster in 5inch pot; has 1 growth producing 14inch pitchers; 1 growth producing 12inch pitchers; and 2 growths producing shorter pitchers)

N. ampullaria (red) x N. talangensis, BE Clone 1. It can grow intermediate conditions as a house plant, and more thrive under lowlander conditions. 4inch cross with 2 pitchers currently.

N. eymae x jacquelineae, seed grown, 1inch cross. It is a newest hybrid. You can image how interesting of its pitchers especially the upper pitchers.

Heliamphora. minor (large cluster. 2 growths producing adult pitchers; more than 3 growths producing immature pitchers. Currently has 4-5 adult pitchers and 15+ immature pitchers).

S. leucophylla (Hurricane Creek White). (large size, producing 15inch pitchers)

S. flava var. cuprea (medium size; 1 growth producing 10inch pitchers, and 2-3 growths producing 5inch pitchers; location information available on request)

S. psittacina (5inch cross)

D. madagascariensis X 5-8 plantlets (gemminate from seeds. location: Botswana. 1cm cross or so)

D. dielsiana x 3 (all are 1.5inch cross)

Pics are available on request.

PS: I find I can get S.purpurea from local stores with very low price. So I don't need to trade for S.purpurea here.

Happy holiday!
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i have a S. Purpurea subsp. venosa

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i could trade it for your S.Psittacina and your D.Dielsiana if not then your Psittacina and your Madagascariensis and if not then your S.Flava because my Sarracenia Purpurea is pretty big and it has nice pitchers and NICE COLOR so let me know if you want to trade.
Hi, eou812, I've sent PM to you.