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I have a beautiful Nep for trade. I got it from one of our Terraforums members a while ago, and it's getting too big for my little space. It is a complex cross: N. (maxima x ?) x (fusca x ?) . Right now, it produces pitchers that are about 2 inches in size, but each leaf gets bigger and bigger and so might the traps. Check out the photos below:

Cute lil pitchers:

Full plant:


I'm looking to trade for any of the Venus Flytraps listed below:
•Creeping Death
•Slim Snapper
•Korean Melody Shark
•Any 'GIANT' Venus Flytrap
•Any ‘Short Tooth, Saw or Fringe" type Venus Flytrap

Let's make this happen before March 19.
PM me to trade! :D
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The Nepenthes is still available!
It will be sent bare root (with out the pot).
Let me know what you have to trade, PM me now!
Unfortunately all I have are typical VFT, otherwise would love to trade for this beautiful nepenthes... Good luck!
I'll PM you both right now. :D

This trade offer is open until the plant has been traded off. Until I say it's closed, please PM me with what you have to trade! :D
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A trade is pending, but feel free to make a "back up" offer incase the trade does not go through. PM me now :D
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Made a Trade.
Thanks all!
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