Trap not giving off that nector

Some might remember my topic a while ago that was about all my traps rotting when fed. It is true they was not giveing off any juice. The problem is they still are not. I have about 6 plants in a indoor terrorium and 1 bulb outside. I am in southern Ohio and of course its summer so its hot outside and cold inside. The ones indoors are kept very wet and I have a 50 watt plant bulb to keep them warm and humid. Well the one outside is the only one that seems to have any nector inside the traps. All the indoor plants are dry as a bone pretty much. I know it is common sense that the outdoor plants will do better. The indoor ones are all alive and actually seem to grow faster then the outside ones. Is there maybe a different type of bulb I should try? I am useing distilled water in all the plants and the same amounts at that. The type of bulb is incadesent 50watt and it said right on the package meant to encourage plant growth. It puts off plenty of heat Id say the inside temp of the tank is about teh same as it is outside. Other then having dry traps they seem to be fine though.

The plant outdoor is a bulb I got from this site. Inside my tank has 2 other bulbs from this site, 2 plants from lowes, and a doubleplant from this site.

So the only one produceing that stuff in the traps is the bulb outside
Could it be humidity? An air conditioner can really sap the moisture out of the air... It might be humid enough OUTside, but not in...
The tank has a cover on it. I can see where it is hot enough to keep water in the air inside the tank (alot of condensation on the inside glass). I did add some more water to it today. The ground was a bit damp but not soaked in water like the one outside. Maybe I just didn't have enough water in it? I will give it a week and see what happens.