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Traveling to Sabah and and possibly Sarawak

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Hello all.

Very excited to announce that we are planning a trip to Borneo in March. (despite corona virus :concern:)

I know that at least some folks here have traveled to Borneo before. We have a very open itinerary at the moment with the only for sure activity being the climbing of Mt. Kinabalu.

I am very interested to know if any of you have any tips, tricks, must-see's or otherwise any advice at all about traveling to this part of Malaysia. I am very much an inexperienced tourist when it comes to this part of the world so any and all advice no matter how small or minor it may seem is greatly welcomed.

Congratulations, Borneo is great. I traveled through the Indonesian part of Borneo but I think some of the advice will be the same. One of my tips is to keep an eye out while you're driving. Roadside ditches and banks make pretty good habitat for species like reinwardtiana, mirabilis, and rafflesiana. If you want, I can put you in touch with some people that may be able to pinpoint some nepenthes you could visit along your way.