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Tropical Drosera rotundifolia from Japan?


I hear that there are Drosera rotundifolia in the Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, that may grow in tropical conditions.
Is anyone here growing these plants and/or can report on them? Takaaki Kagawa in his book Drosera of Japan mentions colonies that have a shorter dormancy requirement, but doesn't say that there are plants that don't require dormancy at all.

Here's an old thread from the CPUK Forum:
(Although this thread raises some doubts about the tropical conditions there.)

Related to this topic are of course the D. rotundifolia in Western New Guinea mentioned by Fernando Rivadavia in the CPUK thread above, and the recent find of a possibly tropical form of D. rotundifolia on the Philippines, by Fulgent Coritico and Andreas Fleischmann:

I asked Andreas about the latter and he confirmed that the plants have not entered cultivation, nor is it know whether they form hibernacula.

Anyway, given the active CP scene in Japan and that the Kagoshima D. rotundifolia have been known for a long time, I was hoping that someone might be growing them.

I grew the Kagoshima rotundifolia, but sadly no more. Gotta get it back. The seed germinates without stratification and then the plant grows to flowering without forming any winter bud. this plant acts like a tropical grown in my indoor setup.
Thanks, Ivan! Anyone who still grows it around here?
Thanks, Ivan! Anyone who still grows it around here?

When I was given the rotundifolia from Kagoshima I also got tokaiensis from the same location. I still have seed saved of the latter if you like. Nice to have that weed with a location
Okay, it's yours Marcus. BTW, I'm sure it's not D. spatulata; I raised some. Grows easily.