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I have for trade or $5 for postage the following
PM me. The plants with no numbers behind them only go for trade.

aliciae (15)
T-form (12)

Typical (40)
All Red(20)
dielsiana (5)
Indica (25)
nidiformis (8)
Venusta (30)

http://terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96319 growlist
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Ill pay $5 postage for all red :D
it is a capensis. I did not put the filiformis on the list. Do you want the capensis then?
Hey copper whats your address pm me

PM sent :D
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I'll pay 5 for venusta. :)
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Ok, that is it. Have about 20 boxes to send out so I am calling an end to the thread. Thank you all.