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U. praelonga



Any cultivation tips for U. praelonga? A friend just gave me a piece and I noticed none of the books I have go into detail about this species...
Richard is the only one I know of that has a lot of success with this one. I have a feeling you need greenhouse conditions to get it to flower. But keeping it alive isn't too hard. Standard utric conditions (peat/sand, some water, some light) with occasional flooding so that the water is above the soil level.

Maybe Richard has some advice?
I have some success: the "leaves" are 8 inches or so tall (the grass like ones that is)! A friend in the UK got prolific flowering after leaving the plant outside all winter, and I suspect treating it to a Sarracenia/Dionaea dormancy might do the same. I'll try it this year.
I have not been growing mine that long but I ditto what Tamlin says except my plant has 12-15" grass like leaves, probably attributed to somewhat lower light. Grows like a weed and can handle temps up to 105 (speaking from experience, ouch) but I DO NOT recommend it.
Hi !!
I grew my praelonga in this ways:
-1st year 2000-2001:
From October to march in a room of my house with the heating turned-off with temperatures from 8C to 12C (47F-53F),East facing windows, direct sun for 2 hours.
The last part of the year outdoors in a South position, direct strong sunlight and temperatures between 25C-33C (77F-92F)
The plants bloomed abundantly in April
-2nd year 2001-2002:
(I changed conditions only in winter)
I put plants in a heated room 15C-22C (60F-70F) in winter and
in spring plants didn't bloom.
when I put outdoor plants are ever flooded .
This winter I will do as the first one.
So I think that in winter praelonga needs fresh temperatures.

Kind regards

Hi All!
U. Praelonga was one of my first Utrics (and one of my first plants of my cp collection&#33
. I had my plant for quite some time before it flowered.
My plant is grown in live sphagnum moss. I used to grow it in peat but I found the plant to grow much more happy when I changed the compost. This species is very tolerant of extreme temperatures. Some of my plants have frozen solid and have still survived! Now, I overwinter it in an unheated room on a windowsil facing east and place it in my greenhouse in about april. I think the key to getting this plant to flower is DO NOT DISTURB!!!! Let the plant form very congested clumps. The tighter the plant gets in the moss the easier it seems to flower. I now have two clumps, My main plant and one wich i propogate from. The second clump flowers very rarely. Hope this helps!