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U. resupinata cultivation

I just got a plug of this in the mail and was wondering whether anyone here has some cultivation tips.
From what I've read it's somewhere between a terrestrial and an affixed aquatic. The photos online seem to show it sometimes growing submerged with a cm or two of water, and sometimes in just muck, so I'm not sure whether I should actually keep it slightly underwater or just wet.

Also does it have any dormancy? There were some references to the plant flowering when the muck it lives in starts to dry up, but nothing about whether it needs exposure to seasonal changes. I don't have any location data for it and the range apparently extends from Canada to Central America so I'm a bit confused to say the least.

Thanks in advance :)
I would think you'd be safe to grow it as an affixed aquatic. (TBH, I've found that quite a few so-called terrestrials quite like to be grown as affixed aquatics, too, so I don't really think you could go wrong that way). Especially not with what the info online suggests about this species. Not sure about the flowering, though, since I have no actual experience with U. resupinata.
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I had some and tried growing it as an affixed aquatic on a windowsill in a container that I had already set up for aquatics but it died.
I tried it as a semi-aquatic but mine also died lol. Guess I'll just have to try again.
Weird. Maybe it's one of those that is picky about what kind of media it's in. What did you guys have it growing in? Could be that it just wants sphagnum.
It was in peat/sand. In the wild it actually grows as sort of an aquatic in the sludgy stuff at the edges of ponds and such.
Interesting. Could still be that, though considering its wild habitat, not sure it makes 100% sense. Worth investigating/experimenting though.