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Jun 26, 2002
My 75 gallon terrarium has grown over crowded and I have recently obtained the space to move them to a different location. As for my 75 gallon tank I want to turn it into an ultrahighland terrarium. I want to know what the best way to accomplish this is. The temps with the four flourescent lights on (on average) is about 70-75 F. I think I can lower that by moving the ballasts and adding a fan to cool them off. But I would like the temps much lower for ultrahighland plants. I need a way to cool off my terrarium. I have an ultrasonic humidifier so humidity is taken care of. I also need a good way to circulate air. Any help will be most useful.
Mar 4, 2002
I really should allow mindmaze to answer this, since its his thing, but I'll give you a general idea of what he does...

Put pebbles on the bottom of your tank, and have water there, JUST under the pepple line (so its they are not all completly submerged, now, its up to you how deep you want your pepples)... Then, thanke a computer fan, and have that on the pebbles to a) evaporate water for humidity (which you said you've taken care of, and b) it helps cool it off when...

to cool it off, put ice in there at night... its up to you how to use the ice... mindmaze uses/ed bottles, then i got an idea. You know those little ziplog baggies that are only about one and a hlaf inches tall? well, if you fill them with water, and freeze themyou have easy to handle cylinders of ice. Another idea is... well, you know those little plastic balls of water that they sell in place of ice? You know... so your drink doenst get watered down? You know what I'm talking about? Well, if you get a bunch of those and put them in a bag, they will sorta conform to the shape of your pots, so you can put the bag between pots and stuff... Anyhow, the fan will blow that cool air around too. I believe that mindmaze has two...

He'll explain it better for you, this is just all Layman's terms...... Phew!