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Unknown Sarr's

Hi i was wondering if anyone had any guesses as to what varieties these are, I don't plan on labeling them, I'm just curious. The first one obviously has some Leucophylla influence, possibly Tarnok, although I won't know until it flowers. The second one I'm thinking is some sort of Rubra.

<iframe class='imgur-album' width='100%' height='550' frameborder='0' src='http://imgur.com/a/vIlO0/embed'></iframe>
The first one looks like you said, tarnok, and the second looks like rubra with some leuco influence, possibly. Good luck IDing them.

Both are hybrids involving leucophylla of some sort (the first may be pure, but not particularly likely); the second looks rather like a 'Judith Hindle' that's lacking all the color, no traits that suggest rubra straight out I'm afraid.
Thank you for your replies, I really hope the first one is a Tarnok, but even if its not its still a beautiful plant, and I really wanted a Leucophylla. The closest picture I could find of the second was of a Rubra Jonesii in The Savage Garden, although the images of Jonesii I've found online look nothing like it.