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Up for a trade? Wacky traps, Marston Dragon &/or Shogun Star



I have the following available for trade, if anybody's interested... (Click on the photo to view larger)

1) D. muscipula 'wacky traps'
Update: 'wacky traps' is spoken for at this time, cheers...

2) D. muscipula 'FTS Shogun Star' (basically a really, really dentate clone.
Update: 'Shogun Star' is spoken for at this time, cheers...

3) Drosera 'Marston Dragon' - 3 AVAILABLE
The photo is of one of the three plants available.
Two are of the size in the picture, and are in 4.5" pots right now.
One other is not pictured, and is slightly smaller, growing in a 3.5" pot.
UPDATE: Two Marston Dragons remain...

More than one above can be traded together or separately, depending on the trades available.

So, what am I looking for?

Drosera prolifera

Any Dionaea that is NOT 'FTS Crimson Sawtooth,' 'FTS Maroon Monster,' 'B52', Pink, Justina Davis, Fused tooth, Long red fingers, Big Mouth, Trichterfalle...

Any Sarr species that's not plain purp (purp or venosa), plain flava or flava rugelii, plain rubra, plain minor.
Any Sarr hybrids that are not moorei clones, Daina's Delight or black widow

So, pretty open-ended, but if you're interested, send a PM... Enjoy!


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I have a couple of typical flytraps and a Drosera Filiformis if you are interested in a trade , I would be interested in the traps...let me know... thanks
Hi Cap! I'm afraid that wacky is on reserve, but Shogun Star is still on the table... Is it a particular type of filiformis, or the standard filiformis?