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Utric hitchhiker

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I picked up a no ID a few months ago and always just assumed that it was U. cornigera and a cornigera/nelumbifolia hybrid growing in the same pot. But, the big one got pretty big and started to flower - now I'm quite confused. Do y'all have any idea what this could be?



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While I can't help with an ID, can I ask what conditions this is growing in normally? Looks great, and still trying to figure out what my utrics might like better!
I don't think you can necessarily use the flower stalk to distinguish between cornigera and cornigera x nelumb. It pretty much looks what I'd expect, based on what I've seen with nelumbifolia
@Grey Moss Cool - it just looks so different from all other Utric flower stalks that I have seen. It also initially looked like one bud with four sepals but I think that it may be two buds very close together. So, that's why I assumed it was another genus. I'll keep y'all posted on the flower if it opens - it's going to extend well out of my terrarium. I'm hopeful that it'll still bloom in the less controlled conditions of my living room.

@Vbkid I grow my U. sect. Orchidioides in a terrarium in my living room under two 25 watt LED lights. The lights follow the natural day/night cycle at around 10 degrees latitude (13/11 in the summer, vice versa in the winter). The temperature hits ~85 during the day and drops to ~65 at night. I was once trying to control the humidity but have since stopped as it's very difficult to do so in a terrarium this size without changing the temperature as well. But, it's enclosed so usually 50%-70% during the day and 70%-80% at night. I posted a full write up on the terrarium here. I grow all of the others outside (climate zone 10). The outside ones get full sun for at least four hours per day.
Looks like a U. cornigera x nelumbifolia hybrid.