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For Trade Utricularia bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' for U. sandersonii 'Typical'

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I have a small, mossy plug of Utricularia bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' from California Carnivores.

I'm just getting back into the hobby, and I'm looking to trade for the 'ol basic U. sandersonii typical form. I know you're out there... I think my girlfriend would love to have it in our home.

Others that I would trade for:

U. microcalyx
U. parthenopipes
U. livida

Or if you have a cool one and are interested, lmk!

pics of said plug:
Oh, and here's how the flowers look:

You might be better off waiting til spring. For folks like me who inhabit the Great White North, trades are pretty much off the table til warmer weather can be counted on.

Yes, I thought about that after a couple days...perhaps you're right. I'm living in FL so I forget that winter happens.

Thank you!
I have a small plug of u. sandersonii , I am also in FL citrus county. If your close we can do face to face or SASE?