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Here's some traps of different utrics that I have. If the names are reasonably certain I have them listed if I don't know it's called unknown and numbered. I'll try and get the rest tomorrow.

U gibba

U. praelonga the coolest traps they all seem to have the blue circles on the trap

U. alpina or U. longifolia?

U. bisquamata

U. graminifolia

U. livida another awesome trap with wide wings at the entrance

U. nanna either this plant does not produce larger traps or they are all as few and far between and minute as this. The little crustacean I found on the stolon (not thinking I didn't take a shot of that) was easier to spot than this bladder, or the start of one

Unknown #1

Unknown #2

Unknown #3

Unknown #4
sword really impressive pics there. looks like you are having fun w/ your new toy.
Could #3 be radiata? It looks like mine. Granted, I haven't inspected under a scope....
Oops, I should add that the only aquatic utric I have is the gibba, the others are growing in moss or peat. Neither U. purpurea nor U. floridiana lived for me. I may have been keeping them in too small of a container?
OK swords, it's official. I am green with envy. Those are really neat pics.
Thanks! I got the digital camerascope setup from the edmund science catalog. This was the cheapest one they had, the others were far more expensive but probably have better image resolution compared to this one. Still on a hobby level this is plenty for me.