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Utricularia tridentata

Hey folks, well i cleaned out my terrarium of cps yesterday and my utricularia that i recieved most likely from someone in this forums does not look like an ordinary utric.

The leaves are about 3 inches tall, erected, with lily pad looking types of leaves that grow in a rossette. Is this some stage they grow through because it's pretty much always been like this? I have'nt seen a flower on this plant yet either.

I'll post a pic as soon as i can otherwise pictures of the leaves for identifuation would be greatly appreciated.

What is an oridinary Utricularia....no, wait....U. subulata, right? Lilly shaped leaves of what size? If they are quarter sized, its U. reniformis or U. nelumbifolia. If teeny, could be U. tridentata, nephropylla, tricolor, which sort of look like that vs blade like or elliptical. A photo might help, but the flowers will tell.