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UV laser pointer

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I just got a cheap blue-violet laser pointer today (they come in violet?!? What rock was I living under?), and I've been playing with it all evening. I just discovered that it's really a black light, and it excites all my UV reactive stuff. Take these two Vaseline glass items, for example. Wooooot!

Look at the mini insulator in front of the mini wienermobile.....

Yeah, like that.

:nono: Oh -- if you do go and get one, they're really cheap, I got a three-pack of violet, green, and red off eBay for about ten bucks, don't look at the spot, wherever and however far it is resting, for very long. This revelation explains why it's been bugging my eyes, they've been complaining after just a few moments of exposure.

I don't wanna hurt my eyes.
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What is the mW of the lasers? Did you already know that the items were UV reactive? I don't think I have anything like that in my house.
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405 nm +/- 10 it says. It doesn't say exact wattage, only that it's less than 5 mW.

Oh, you betchya I knew the Vaseline glass was UV reactive. That's the main point I bought it. I also have some cups, a creamer, plates, sherbet cup, and a citrus reamer and measuring cup set, all Vaseline. I have some bids on a couple red Vaseline figurines. It's all colored with natural (inert) uranium.