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Various Sundews from seed

Here are mine from Homedawg plus a few others from the ICPS seed bank.








Humidity about 60%, temps between 75-80 and placed about 10" under a T8 with four 6500k bulbs.

So far all these species germinated:

D. capensis
D. aliciae
D. dielsiana
D. sessilifolia
D. spatulata
D. tokaiensis
D. venustra

but I lost all but one of the D. trinervia and all but four of my D. burmannii during the hardening off period.
I think most germinated in 15-30 days...some species were faster than others. They were grown in those growing trays with the plastic dome on...I saturated the media put the lid on, taped the seams and let them go. I probably had 20+ of the D. trinervia germinate...they appeared to be doing well but I was in Panama for 10 days recently and had the renter watering them for me and during that time I lost quite a few.
Not a ton to report...all are doing well and still growing. In a week or two I'll snap some additional, better, close up pics for ya if you'd like...thanks for asking!