Venus Fly Trap bulbs from

Hey, i was thinking of getting a Green Dragon and a red dragon in my next order of CP's

but then i said to my self why dont i try to raise one from a bulb here.

How long after i plant it does it take to grow? i know from seeds its about a year or so, how long is it with the bulbs you guys sell?

i know plant in schultz canadian sphagnum peat moss. 80% moss 20% perlite.

i have the 3" pots already from this site with the trays.

but How long will it take to grow? and also, how deep do i plant it in the soil?



the average time is about 1-2months.  The plant will already be growing.  So you are basically waiting for it o just grow out

You can see a 'line'.....there is a white fleshy want to plant it right around that line.  

If you have the time, growing from a bulb ( rhizome) is cool.  You just have to be patient.
what do you mean you can see a line?

how deep into the moss do i plant the bulb
and do i cover it after i plant it?

i looked in the pot now and it has a whatcha mc call it..

it goes up to a certain point then theres like a line then about 2 cm more up of a lip thingy

do i plant it at that lineish thingy then cover it?



I believe the line Jeff is talking about is the change from crisp white tissue to green/green red/red (depending on the sport) Plant the bulb where no more white is showing, with the green material above ground.

the community calls these things bulbs, though, in the traditional sense of the word, they are not.
uhh i thought the bulb thingies were seed like things that i plant inside the soil and i wach it grow???

UHH um let me get back to this, the bulb is the venus fly trap with the roots and such and you just plant it in?

erm hmmmmmmm.. i wanted 2 in 1 pot

so i gues now im saving my extra cash with just 1 red dragon and 1 green dragon

lemme fidn a picture and please reply what the bulb/rhizome is



they are roots, and the lower portion of the plant, the crispy white area, and a little bit of green.

Basically, and don't hold me to this, they are plants damaged in shipping, so rather than take the effort to grow them out, the clip off the damaged material, discount it, and sell it to you. your not getting a lesser quality plant, the genetics are the same as all of them, your just getting one that had a rougher time of it.
but can you still grow it to a healthy plant?

here is the pictures i got from Martins page


the Rhizom of
the Venusfliegenfalle


freshly implanted
Dionaea muscipula


the Venusfliegenfalle
three months later

is the first picture what i will be getting?
Yes, you will be getting the first picture. Just dig a little hole and plant it into the soil.
It might look a bit pathetic for a while, but give it a couple of months and it will grow into a normal sized VFT.


Absolutely! Petflytrap would never even think of selling you something that would not turn out nice!

The reason it is called a bulb, is because it takes time to grow into a plant!

you are buying the exact same genetic stock as the plants that are sold completely intact, potted, and domed.
GRRRRRRRR..... IIIII have to wait till the weather warms up to get myself a rhizome... I want a green dragone. They're so pre-tyyy..... *purrrrs*

maybe i'll butcher one of the flytraps i have now, and just replant it...
lol parasuco

i am getting a green dragon and red dragon

at end of march, so i can order with the N gracilis they will have