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Venus fly trap sun burn?

Jun 9, 2017
Hello guys i recently started leaving my venus fly trap outside and it is getting about 6 hours of direct sunlight rest in bright shade and i noticed my plant looks like it is deteriorating some leaves have turned black and i noticed 2 leaves look a bit..."squishier and rotten" than burned(ill show what i mean)so i wanted to know what this could be if it isnt leaf burn thanks for the help!



First image 2 leaves at 12 o clock demonstrate what im talking about as leaf is brownosh and squishy in middle


Lotsa blue
Sep 5, 2011
Vancouver, Washington State, US
It is difficult to say from a distance but the leaves do look sunburned to me. The leaves are quite pale and 6 hours of full sun seems extreme considering. If you can cut back the hours of direct sun to only a few each day until it acclimates that might do it. I notice that the new growth in the middle of the plants still looks good. If you make the change in light and things continue to deteriorate then you have another problem. 'Sorry I can't be more definitive.